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Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation is reducing the loss of water damage. Our job is to reduce the cost of the loss by drying materials that can be saved. Using a combination of air movers, dehumidifiers, heat and science. Drying what can be saved overall reduces the cost of the loss vs replacement.

The Goal

The Goal is to dry as much materials as possible, This is achieved with equipment and drying knowledge. The standard of care and drying standards is written in the s500. This is the industry recognized practice and also recognized by all insurance companies.


Act Fast

To reduce loss it is important to act fast. Water mitigation should be performed as soon as possible. Stop the source of water immediately. Call your Insurance, Call us. Every day you wait will increase your loss. Less materials will be saved, more work will need to be performed.

Be safe

Do what you can to save what you can. However be aware that your wet materials have lost original strength. Be careful of ceilings that could collapse. Also hazards like electricity. Safety should always be your primary concern.