Restaurant carpet cleaning

We all know that the good food compliments the service and good service complements the food. The restaurant atmosphere, decor and cleanliness all play a part with good service. A dirty looking carpet could be a huge displeasure to the overall experience. A clean carpet shows you really care about cleanliness and appreciate the high class of customers that frequent your establishment. 


Appearance is a huge part of good service

The whole experience for the customer starts well before they are seated. At this time your guest is looking around getting a feel for the quality of what should be a perfect dining experience. A dirty carpet is really going to get you off to the wrong start with that awesome dining experience. 


Good return of investment

Having your carpets cleaned regularly makes a huge difference in the overall usable life of the carpets. Saving the huge hassle in time management to replace carpets and the actual costs involved in replacement. The extended life of your carpets with routine cleaning saves $1,000's in premature replacement costs and time.


happy customers 

In todays world the customer has high expectations and hundreds of dining choices. A happy customer can generate $1000's in business, references, online reviews etc. The opposite of happy can loose you $1,000s of future revenue. We know you care about your business but a dirty carpet says "You don't really care about great service".