Hotel Carpet Cleaning and Service

Part of keeping your guest and employees happy requires lots of maintenance cleaning. Your carpets play a big part in this role. Your carpets are a huge investment  of the overall appearance of your hotel, a clean appearance is a big part of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Shouldn't your carpets look like this all the time?

Shouldn't your carpets look like this all the time?

Routine Carpet Cleaning

The best way to keep carpets looking great is scheduled carpet cleaning maintenance. Carpets should be cleaned before they look soiled and trashy. Soiled and trashy looking carpets are displeasing to the guest and will create a bad memory, less repeat business and poorer online reviews.


Once a year is never enough

Some hotels have a habit of calling the professionals once a year for carpet cleaning. In the hospitality business this simply does not work, most of the year your carpets will look dull, soiled and trashy. Once a year cleaning will not extend the usable life of the carpets. A good regular carpet cleaning schedule for all common areas is the only way to avoid ugly dirty carpets. 


Happier guests

We all know the real value of a happy guest. In todays world of business your guests have high expectations. When we meet these expectations good things happen. referrals, great online reviews, repeat business. Your guest has the potential to create $1,000s in future revenue. An unhappy guests works the other way costing $1,000s in lost revenue.