Booking your appointment should be fast and easy. By booking online you can actually save time and your in full control. In 3 easy steps you can secure your appointment time. Step 1 choose the amount of areas to clean, Step 2 Choose a good date that works for you based on real time availability. Step 3 Fill in your name address etc. When you're finished you will receive confirmation and your job will be booked automatically in our system.

Please note prices are based on carpets being in reasonable condition, also if your not local to the Burlington, South Burlington areas, a small travel fee may be applied.

Questions about booking online.

How many areas should I choose? An area is usually a room up to 250 SQFT. An example would be 2 bedrooms and a living room, this would count as 3 areas. Another example would be 2 bedrooms and living/dining room combo, this would count as 4 areas. If you had carpeted stairs this would count as an area. 

Hallways that join bedrooms can count as half an area. This will be determined on the pre inspection before work begins. Large oversized rooms will count as 2 areas.

Please note prices are based on carpets being in reasonable condition. Please call if your carpets are in poor condition.

Don't panic. If you missed an area or feel you got it wrong after you booked, just call us and we can correct the details.

By phone

Prefer to make your Appointment via phone? You can make a reservations by calling (802) 355-9636



By Email

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Carpet Cleaning

We will always do our best to work with your schedule and appointments. We will advise on the time it takes to complete the work. In commercial applications the work should be achieved during closed periods. To allow carpets to dry work should be completed 1 hour before business begins. 


Typically Restaurants are cleaned overnight or early in the morning, Offices are cleaned overnight or weekends. 

Odor Elimination

The product we use is 100% natural it is safe to be used around people pets and plants. The air is filled with sub-micron sized particles that not only destroy odors in the air permanently it gets into all the fibers of furniture and curtains. It can even find its way behind walls. It is a real solution to destroying odor in your entire home or business. This product seeks and destroys odors permanently and safely.

The service can either be done by yourself without a tech doing the process (money saving) or we can apply the product for you using a fogging machine. In either case, you don't have to evacuate the home or business for this service.

Call (802) 355-9636 to reserve an appointment or for questions.